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Why do we love block printing so much ? Posted on 7 Jun 12:49 , 0 comments

  1. We believe that our faith in dedicated craftsmanship and preserving old traditions will continue to earn us our customer’s affection.
  2. We love our environment and zero carbon emission in the process of hand block print make them extremely environment friendly.
  3. We understand that for many artisans this profession is only source of income.
  4. The whole process of visualizing a design, creating a wooden block and then printing with extreme care is so beautiful

What are the benefits of a mattress topper? Posted on 9 Nov 13:54 , 1 comment

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that is added to a core mattress to increase the longevity and also increase the comfort of the mattress. We recommend that all mattresses should have a topper. We offer waffle box constructed microfiber topper and hand tufted feather-down topper which have elastics on four corners and can be a simple put on your mattress.

mattress topper

What are the benefits of a mattress topper?

The benefits of using a mattress topper can be split into two categories: increasing comfort and increasing the longevity of the mattress. They are also an excellent way of increasing the life of your bed and providing you with flexibility. Let us go into a little more details on the benefits of mattress toppers.

  • Providing additional comfort layers:- Most of the mattresses in India are hard and putting a mattress topper will give your  back a soft support.
  • The longevity of the mattress:-If you choose to sleep on a core mattress without adding an additional topper, it will not be too long before the softer top component compresses under your bodyweight and the mattress will tend to sag. Adding a topper gives another layer which will compress before the mattress hence taking majority of your bodyweight and increasing the life of the mattress.

Top Mattress Topper Facts
  1. A suitable mattress topper will protect your mattress from the three evils:Body perspiration, dead skin/ bacteria and dust.
  2. A high-quality mattress topper will provide additional comfort layersproviding you with an even more comfortable and forgiving mattress.
  3. A mattress topper will help extend the life of a mattress. It can also be replaced more easily and cost effectively than the entire mattress.
  4. A mattress topper can make a good bed fantastic and make a bad bed much more bearable!

How a right bed linen helps you sleep better ? Posted on 25 Mar 12:41 , 2 comments

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important things which helps you to prevent sickness and strengthens your immune system, remain stress free and happy and also improves your memory and productivity at work. However, research shows that only 40% of the people get a good night sleep every night.

Choosing the right bed linen can go a long way in improving your quality of sleep. We at are continuously working to produce the right bed linen products to enhance your sleeping experience.

How right bed linen helps you sleep better ?

We are providing you some tips on how right bedding can improve your sleep:

  1. Use correct pillows - One should choose the right pillow as per his or her sleeping posture. Using the right pillow not only helps you sleep better but also keeps you free of back and neck ailments. Read our detailed article on choosing the right pillow by clicking here  
  2. Choose the right duvet as per the season – maintaining a comfortable body temperature while sleeping is very important. Most people complain of either sweating or feeling cold while sleeping. So it is advisable to select the right duvet as per your room temperature. One can select a summer ac duvet, all season duvet and winter duvet as per the prevailing weather conditions. 
  3. Buy 100% cotton bed linen – we recommend bed linen made from 100% combed fine cotton with a thread count from 200 to 400. Such kind of bed linen feels soft to the skin and absorbs your body sweat to keep you cool and comfortable while you are sleeping. White bed linen also goes a long way in helping you sleep better. It signifies luxury and a good night’s sleep as per Mr. Erin Hoover, Vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton Hotel. 
  4. Use mattress protectors – Most of the mattress manufacturers use polyester top fabric on mattresses, hence the bed sheet tends to slip when you put your bed sheets directly on the mattress making you uncomfortable while sleeping. Mattress protector with a cotton top fabric not only protects your mattress but also ensures that your bed sheet remains intact while you sleep peacefully. 
  5. Use Mattress toppers - Should be used by people who find their mattresses hard. Mattress toppers offer you with a soft luxurious bed while also increases the life of your mattress. 
  6. Keep your bed linen clean - Sleeping with clean and fresh sheets leads to a better night’s sleep. Making your beds every day and washing your bed sheets/pillow covers every week can improve your sleeping environment. Also keeping your pillows and duvet/quilts in the sun for a few hours once in a couple of month, keeps them fresh and fluffy.

            How to keep your towels soft, fluffy and white? Posted on 14 Feb 16:35 , 0 comments

            Everyone loves the feel of a brand new towel; however, after few washes, towels tend to lose a bit of its softness and whiteness.

            After doing some research online and consulting few housekeeping departments of luxury hotels, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for washing white towels. 


            1.Always buy good-quality towels - more than 500 grams per square meter, which refer to the towel’s density. Towels at are of 650 gsm and are of the same quality as used in the luxury hotels.

            2.Washing towels after every 5-7 uses are recommended.

            3.The best temperature to wash towels is between 40c and 60c. 40c ensures towels feel and look their best over a longer period, while removing most of the germs, but 60c will kill even more bacteria and potential mold. We recommend only occasional washing at 60c.

            4.Try not to overcrowd the washing machine, so there’s plenty of water to soak and wash.

            5.If you add a cap of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, it will disperse any remaining soap and give you a soft, fluffy towel.

            6.Line drying is best, as sunlight has a bleaching effect, which keeps white towels bright and UV rays help kill bacteria.

            7.Ariel and Surf Excel are good detergents to use.


            1. Never use bleach to clean your towels, as it will destroy the fibers.

            2. Avoid fabric softener - it deposits a thin layer of wax on the fibers, which decreases absorbency.

            What is the difference between Down Duvet and Microfiber Duvet ? Posted on 5 Jan 14:47 , 0 comments

            While in simple terms the answer to the above is that down duvets are filled with Natural Duck Down and super soft microfiber duvets are filled with finest quality of Synthetic Fiber.

            Down Duvets - Many people have this misconception that down duvets are extremely warm and are meant for colder climates; however, the truth is that they are the most body heat regulating duvets i.e. they are meant to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

            Love for White Luxury Down Duvet has been specially designed for all Indian seasons from south to north and east to west. It is currently being used by people from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai in air conditioners and even in winters by people from Delhi, Jaipur and other parts of northern India with great results. 

             Down is the soft fluff that comes off the duck.

            As you can see from above that Down is three dimensional and can trap air very easily, making for good insulation and keeping you warm. Also when the body begins to overheat the natural fiber of down has the ability to breathe and absorb body vapor preventing you from overheating and sweating while you sleep.

            Down duvets distribute your heat upwards and sideways - making for a very even warmth all over your bed.

             Microfiber Duvets - While down duvets are filled fine down fluff of Duck , microfiber duvets are filled with microfiber which  is the lightest and finest synthetic fiber available as a duvet filling and offers you that extra soft and extremely cozy feeling. Microfiber duvets offer the ultimate warmth due to their tightly packed fibers. They are a perfect choice for those suffering from allergies.


            The difference between microfiber and down duvets generally comes down to personal preference as against which one being better than the other. Both are great duvets.  It’s just what works best for you! You can find all type of single duvets and double duvets at

            How to choose a perfect towel? Posted on 7 Dec 14:34 , 0 comments

            While most of us ignore the importance of a good quality towel, it is one of the most important things which makes your morning ritual i.e. bathing most satisfying. A  good quality towel should feel thick, soft, luxurious on your skin and very absorbent. It should dry you up completely once you step out of shower or bathtub.

            Here are a few tips on how to choose that perfect towel from a wide variety of towels available in the market.



            The first parameter to check for quality of Towel is it's GSM (grams per square meter). This is the towel’s density of the fabric. Towels with lower in GSM (350, 450) are inexpensive, lighter, thinner and wear down quickly.Towels with higher GSM (more than 550) are of superior quality; they are found in world-class hotels and spas.These are much more expensive, but often worth the price because they will last longer.Towels available at are of 650gsm. Also, the standard sizes of towels should be as under  :

            1. Bath Towel : 75cm x 150cm (30”x60”)
            2. Hand Towel: 40cm x 60cm(16”x24”)
            3. Face Towel : 30cm x 30cm(12”x12”)


            The second parameter to look for in a quality of a towel is its absorbency.Only towels made of high-quality cotton yarns provide a great absorbency. Towels made out of cheap synthetic materials or low-quality cotton are not absorbent and should best be avoided. Each towel is composed of loops which you see jetting out of the surface of the towel. These loops in the fabric allow the towel to absorb water. The number of loops determines the drying ability. So more loops mean higher absorbency. Towels with double ply loops like the ones available at are more absorbent than the normal towels.

            white towels in bathroom


            Although towels are available in different colors and designs most people worldwide tend to like white towels.

            -One of the biggest reason for preferring white towels is that they go with all types of bathroom decor. A set of soft, spotless white bath towels or hand towels easily adds extra charm to any bathroom.White bath towels and hand towels compliment any bathroom color and give a classic look to the overall bathroom.

            -White towels can be washed at high temperatures with the toughest washing powder and dried at high temperatures without any risk of color loss. Colored towels, on the other hand, are prone to fade after prolonged use making them unusable.

            -Some people with sensitive skin also tend to avoid chemically dyed colored towels.

            To summarize it all up a 100% cotton towel preferably white with more than 550 gsm weight is the one which can make your bathing experience truly satisfying.

            How to keep your bed linen White. Posted on 30 Sep 12:47 , 0 comments

            How to keep your bed linen White :

            1. Always wash white bed linen separately from colored clothes. Also never wash bed linen (bed sheets duvet covers etc) with towels as it may cause pillage.
            2. Avoid washing your bed linen at high temperatures as it can reduce the durability and lifespan. You should never wash at temperatures higher than 40 deg -60 deg . You should try washing your linen in cold water if they are not heavily soiled as it will help in increasing the life of your bed linen.
            3. Use only mild detergents. You can occasionally use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar as a substitute of bleach and fabric softener to get the whiteness and softness. Add half a cup of baking soda with your detergent at the beginning of the wash cycle. Then, at the start of the rinse cycle, pour in half a cup of white vinegar.
            4. Never use bleach. Bleach also eats away at the fibers in your linens and can cause a gradual yellowing of your whites. 
            5. Avoid fabric softeners. They will decrease the absorbency of your linens especially towels.
            6. Hang your linen in sun. Sunlight is the best natural bleaching agent. For an extra whitening boost, hang your linens to dry in the sun. Make sure to bring in the linen as soon as it gets dry. If you are drying in tumbler then warm tumble dry.
            7. Iron your sheets – To achieve crisp clean and polished look always iron your linen.

            We hope that you find these tips helpful, also please share your washing tips with us at  visit us at

            What is a thread count or tc in Bed Sheets? Posted on 4 Aug 10:35 , 1 comment

            Thread Count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. You will see thread count referred to with a number followed by tc, which stands for thread count, such as 200tc,300tc. So a 200tc or 200 thread count bed linen means there are 200 threads per one square inch of fabric.

            Most commonly available bedlinen in the market range from 180 to 350 thread count. Bed sheets with 200 thread counts and above are considered to be of good quality. However while selecting the bedlinen in addition to thread counts one should also consider the quality of fibers of cotton used, weave and finish of the fabric.

            Bedlinen available at are made from premium cotton. A tighter percale weave construction ensures they last longer and a high quality finishing gives them a crisp and soft feel.

             According to Consumer Reports Magazine, cotton sheets with a thread count of 200 and above stand up to wear and tear the best and provide satisfactory comfort. From our personal experience we have seen that 200 to 300 thread count feels the best and lasts the longest. Sheets under 180 thread count tend to pile with wear and become scratchy to the skin.

            So in the end it comes down to what feels good to you, and what is in your price range. If you buy sheets in the 200-300 thread count range, you will get the most life out of them, and they are comfortable.  

            How to choose the pillow Posted on 8 Jul 15:44 , 1 comment

            While most of us do not pay attention to our sleeping pillow, it is one of the most important bedding article for a healthy sleep and eventually a good health. Lot of back aches and neck pains can be reduced by using the right pillow.

            Most of the manufacturers today are producing cheap quality pillows without paying any attention to details viz a viz filling height,softness and filling material and the customers have no choice but to buy them and compromise on their quality of sleep .

            However, has taken the initiative to provide good quality pillows at great prices. We have designed pillows in various thicknesses and softness to suit your needs. All the pillows come with 100% fine quality cotton top fabric which helps to wick away sweat and excessive moisture giving you the most relaxing sleep .

            Given below are the various sleeping positions which may help you choose the right  pillow:

            1.Sleep on your stomach -Choose a softer pillow -(Supersoft microfiber pillow, Supersoft luxury down pillow)  

            2. Sleep on your back - Choose a medium high pillow - (feather down longlast pillow)

            3. Sleep on your side - Choose a high pillow - (highloft pillow)

            4. A mixture of some or all of these - choose a medium high pillow - (feather down longlast)

            Happy Sleeping with